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So, you have recently decided to stop drinking alcohol and are going on vacation. Don't vacationing and drinking alcohol go hand in hand? Not any more.

This guide will help you vacation sober. It's loaded with insights on what to pack, what to drink, and what to do to enjoy your destination so you can come back to reality revitalized.

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I recently took a look at my relationship with drinking and decided that I enjoyed sober-living much more than I expected. Still, stuff comes up that I have to deal with. Like reassessing my activities, like vacationing.

I used to look at vacation pictures and say I don’t remember that. The hangover fog clouded the moment. I was tired of feeling like I missed the moment. Regretting that I wasn’t fully present for my once in a lifetime event. 

But thinking about vacationing sober made me anxious. Aren’t vacation and drinking synonymous? Not anymore. 

I am newly sober and have no desire to go back to the life I used to live. 

So, how was I going to get through my first vacation sober? 

I needed a plan. 

I researched. I listened to podcasts, read books, and asked my sober communities for ideas. I applied the tools I was learning to a specific event, my vacation. And guess what? I stayed sober. It was amazing! 

Here is what I did: 

I remembered my whys and journaled. 

I figured out what I wanted to drink and built up a desire for that flavor. 

I decided what to pack and called my essentials my “sober security system.”

I looked at the activities I wanted to do and paired up AF drinks -kind of like a chef would for a dinner menu.

Pre Decided what I would do in the event of a craving. 

And…. I did it! 

I had my first vacation sober!

You know what was super cool about it? I was present in every single moment of the trip. I played with my kids, was willing to try new things, and enjoyed my favorite coffee! The benefits of vacationing sober definitely outweighed the feelings I had hung over. 

And I realized that other people have the same concerns about vacationing sober. Comments came up in my circles. (names are excluded for privacy)

“I feel anxious just thinking about how to moderate on vacation.” 

“Maybe vacation can be my ‘pass’ to drink and then I can come back to reset.” 

“How do I tell my travel companions that I am not drinking? This is a girls’ trip after all. There is going to be lots of drinking.” 

“I don’t want to feel left out.”

“I am so tired of thinking about alcohol! I just want to enjoy this trip without it being a thing!” 

So, I compiled my strategies in this magazine. 

In this magazine, I have included things to help you plan. What to drink. What to pack. What to do. I have included journal ideas, drink recipes and bonus, there are sober vacation firsts from people just like you. 

“By being present with a person, it’s like I really see them, and i hear them and I find myself looking for the good. Whereas when I was drinking, yes, we were having fun together, yes we were enjoying each other, yes it was happy memories, but there is a difference in the depth of the quality of the time from my end because I take it in in such a deeper way because I am fully present.” -Jill Guthrie 

And that is what I want for you! To be fully present in the moment with the people in the places you are visiting. 

The value in this magazine is amazing. You will definitely get your money’s worth. Just take a look! It’s about the same price as a bottle of wine but will give you more nourishment than your drink. 

Thanks for your interest in this magazine and I can’t wait to hear what you enjoyed about it. 

Don’t take my word for it. Just check out what readers have said. 

”This magazine is a fun way to go through this content. I learned so much and started getting excited for my upcoming trip!” -Janet, NJ

”This magazine is thought-provoking, light, reflective and easy to read. It provides practical advice and real-life stories from those who have done the work and lived to tell about it! I will save this and refer back to again and again!” -Kristen

  • A pdf of the letter from the editor pump you up for your next vaction!

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  • A pdf of the letter from the editor pump you up for your next vaction!
  • Size28.3 MB
  • Length46 pages
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